May 22, 2022 — Continued

Well, I’m back. I survived the first round of insurance investigations and we have a plan for the rest of our time in the U.S. Closer to our departure we’ll need to revisit this lovely issue.

As I promised, these days are packed, but the news is not very inspiring. The past two weeks I’ve had multiple individual meetings, I spoke at a homeschool co-op chapel, met with a Southeast Asian professor, joined a Zoom meeting with our teammates – and did a lot of administrative work. I had a long consultation about how to manage our phone, email, and surface mail communications from overseas. That will lead to even longer work implementing those decisions in the coming months.

Last weekend I took a break from ministry work to drive to Maryland and help Stephen and Annie get settled in their new home. I took my pickup truck which came in handy for hauling furniture and a lawn mower. On Sunday we visited the church Daniel and Ginny attend when they are not in England.

This week is more of the same until Thursday, when we’ll go on vacation for two weeks. I’ll report back on June 12, Lord willing.

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