Scripture Worksheets

Here are links to the worksheets I used in preparing the Reformed Lectionary. The first step was to establish readable portions of all the books of the Bible. Each book is listed with its readings in order. The column to the right of each passage shows the week of the year in which that reading is prescribed.


  • I did not include every verse of some of the longer books of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is huge, and it would take many years to read the complete text. Furthermore, although all scripture is inspired and profitable, not all may be equally profitable for Lord’s Day reading. My goal was to select the passages which would be most helpful to God’s people in the Lord’s Day assembly.
  • A pastor nevertheless may consider it beneficial to read the whole of one of these books. Bear in mind that this will reduce the opportunity to read other passages.
  • Not all of the passages I selected are included in the lectionary. There are a limited number of weeks in a year! A pastor may find a use for those passages if so desired by replacing some other reading.
  • The longest books are not assigned to a particular season because they must span several seasons. Instructions for their use are included on their lectionary page “Old Testament Long Books.”


Epistles: Acts to 2 Corinthians

Epistles: Galatians to 2 Timothy

Epistles: Titus to Jude

Epistles: Hebrews and Revelation

Old Testament Narrative: Genesis

Old Testament Narrative: Exodus, 1 & 2 Samuel

Old Testament Discourse: Leviticus to Deuteronomy

Old Testament Narrative: Joshua to Ruth

Old Testament Narrative: 1 Kings to 2 Chronicles

Old Testament Wisdom: Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes

Old Testament Wisdom: Psalms

Old Testament Prophecy: Isaiah to Lamentations

Old Testament Prophecy: Ezekiel to Joel

Old Testament Prophecy: Amos to Malachi