Messages from the Gospels

The Sermon on the Mount
Matthew’s Gospel

Matthew 5:1-2 Jesus’ Vision of His Kingdom pdf_button
Matthew 5:3-6 Blessings of Jesus’ Kingdom, Part 1 pdf_button
Matthew 5:7-10 Blessings of Jesus’ Kingdom, Part 2 pdf_button
Matthew 5:11-16 Jesus’ Kingdom Encounters the World pdf_button
Matthew 5:17-20 Jesus’ Kingdom and God’s Law pdf_button
Matthew 5:21-26 Murder in Jesus’ Kingdom pdf_button
Matthew 5:27-37 Keeping Your Word pdf_button
Matthew 5:38-48 Dealing With Your Enemies pdf_button
Matthew 6:1-18 True and False Piety pdf_button
Matthew 6:19-34 Wealth and Worry pdf_button
Matthew 7:1-20 The Sin of Judging pdf_button
Matthew 7:21-29 Entering Jesus’ Kingdom pdf_button

Jesus’ New World Order
Mark’s Gospel

Mark 1:1-15 Good News for Lehigh pdf_button
Mark 1:16-39 Beginning of Jesus’ New World Order pdf_button
Mark 1:40-2:17 Ultimate Health pdf_button
Mark 2:18-3:12 To Save Life or to Kill? pdf_button
Mark 3:13-35 The New World Family pdf_button
Mark 4:1-34 The New World Kingdom pdf_button
Mark 4:35-6:6 The Power of Jesus’ Kingdom pdf_button
Mark 6:7-52 Compassion in Jesus’ Kingdom pdf_button
Mark 6:53-8:38 The Cost of Jesus’ Kingdom pdf_button
Mark 9:1-10:52 Status in God’s Kingdom pdf_button
Mark 11:1-12:44 Treachery in Jesus’ Kingdom pdf_button
Mark 13:1-37 The Future of Jesus’ Kingdom pdf_button
Mark 14:1-15:47 The Murder of the King pdf_button
Mark 16:1-8 The Triumph of the King pdf_button

The Parables of Jesus
Luke’s Gospel

Luke 12:13-21 Making the Most of Your Time at Lehigh pdf_button
Luke 10:25-37 Jesus the Good Samaritan/td> pdf_button
Luke 12:35-48 Ready for Justice pdf_button
Luke 13:22-30 Do All Roads Lead to Heaven? pdf_button
Luke 14:15-24 A Divine Dinner Invitation pdf_button
Luke 14:25-35 What it Takes to Follow Christ pdf_button
Luke 15:1-10 How Much are You Worth to God? pdf_button
Luke 15:11-32 How Much are Others Worth to You? pdf_button
Luke 16:1-13 What Good is Money? pdf_button
Luke 17:5-10 The Happy Slaves pdf_button
Luke 18:9-14 How Good Do You Have to Be? pdf_button
Luke 19:11-27 What Does God Expect of Your Life? pdf_button
Luke 20:9-19 What Can You Lose by Ignoring God? pdf_button

Who is Jesus?
John’s Gospel

John 3:16 His Purpose pdf_button
John 11:1-44 The Resurrection and the Life pdf_button
John 1:1-5,14 His Nature pdf_button
John 1:6-18 His Accomplishments pdf_button
John 1:29-34 The Lamb of God pdf_button
John 4 The Divine Husband pdf_button
John 5:16-30 The Son of God pdf_button
John 6:22-40 The Bread of Life pdf_button
John 10:1-21 The Good Shepherd pdf_button
John 14:1-6 The Truth pdf_button
John 15:1-8 The Vine pdf_button