Greetings! I am a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and have been ministering to college students for over 40 years. In 1998 I launched the Reformed University Fellowship ministry at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. Ten years later that ministry was thriving and I was appointed Area Coordinator for the Northeast and Midwest. In this role I assisted campus ministers and the committees that oversee them. I also worked with the other Area Coordinators to assist the National Coordinator in leading RUF. I left RUF in January, 2021 and in March took a short-term position while considering my next role. This short-term position is half-time in our congregation and half-time in various other ministry. Learn more about me and my wife Ruth here.

This website will keep you informed of developments in my ministry, and also will provide articles that may interest you. “Blog” contains notes about my travels and activities. Past newsletters of our ministry are posted under “News.” Under the “Resources” menu button you can hear or view recent sermons by selecting “Sermon Recordings.” “Messages” contains manuscripts of sermons that I have given, many at Lehigh University, and “Articles” contains essays that pertain to our work.

If you wish to get in touch, send an email here or use the contact information below.

Update July 24,2022: We have been called into a new ministry working with a team in Southeast Asia. This site will remain, but I will not be updating it. If you wish to continue following us or to know more about our future plans, email me at CDavidGreen@gmail.com.