March 27, 2022 — Mission Accomplished!

Last week began with another 9-6 day of teaching on Monday in Bogota, Colombia. At the end of a long day we had completed the workshop on how to lead Bible studies, and Peter took us out to eat with his interns at a favorite place – a crepe restaurant. Tuesday began with the COVID tests we needed to return to the U.S., and breakfast at a nice restaurant. Then we joined the weekly leadership meeting and spent part of the time discussing the Bible studies they were going to lead later that day. Lauren took us to campus for lunch where we discussed the special issues of working with students and interns in Colombia. We returned to campus to participate in English Club, in which Ruth led one small group. At that point we called it a day. We woke at 5:30 Wednesday morning in order to get to the airport for our 9:00 flight. We had no problems, but the lines were very long. We had a 7 hour layover in Atlanta and arrived home before midnight.

Today I am almost over the illness I have had for these several weeks. I had a sore throat and was often exhausted in Colombia, but I am grateful that God gave me the energy to accomplish everything for which I went. My work there was a pleasure due to the wonderful hospitality of Peter and Lauren, and the eagerness of the students. Since returning we have opened the mail, paid the bills, filed an expense report, slept, etc. I am looking forward to resuming daily exercise now that I feel up to it, but the weather has turned suddenly colder.

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