March 20, 2022 — Teach and Sleep

We packed on Wednesday and flew to Bogota on Thursday. The two hours to Atlanta and four hours to Colombia seemed easy compared to the strenuous 30-hour trip from Malaysia. Speaking of Malaysia, Ruth and I are still not over jet lag. Peter Dishman had a reasonable schedule of student activities for us on Friday, but the jet lag and lingering sickness meant I didn’t have the energy for a whole day. Ruth went to English Club and a small group in the morning while I slept. I joined everyone at the Large Group at 2:00 PM, then crashed in the evening. Large Group was well-attended and Peter was in his old form preaching.

I slept poorly, but mustered enough energy to teach from 9 until 6 on Saturday, resting during lunch and breaks. Peter and Lauren Dishman are leading the RUF Global ministry here at the national university. I have known Peter for a long time and supervised him when he was working at the national university in Mexico City. This was my first opportunity to visit him in Bogota. Peter and Lauren had rounded up 14 students and interns to receive training in how to study the Bible. Peter translated for me in the morning, then a student took over after lunch. I used the training we have been using for decades with U.S. students, and these students were very engaged.

I slept much better last night and attended the church that meets in a building the CUR is renting. (CUR is RUF in Spanish.) Training continued this afternoon from 3 til 6. We finished up how to study the Bible and began the material on leading Bible studies. My cold is getting better, but is not gone. I hope I have another good night. Tomorrow is another 9 to 6 day.

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