April 3, 2022 — Back to Normal…

…whatever that is. All the bills are paid, February and March expense reports filed, report sent to donors, returned to leading the weekly Bible study, Good Friday service prepared, laundry and other household chores caught up, daily exercise resumed, triumph over jet lag. I was even able to plant pansies in the planters out front and resume clarinet practice. This last item is important because I am scheduled to play the prelude and postlude in church on Easter Sunday.

Now that we are caught up and back into normal routines, we face the big question: shall we move to Malaysia to help with ministry there for several years. Ruth and I have reserved an evening this week for a thorough discussion of this question. We appreciate your prayers as we make this decision. Meanwhile, Ruth has caught the virus that I had while in Colombia. This is a long one. I hope it passes by next week.

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