March 15, 2022 — Adjusting to home

We’re back in Bethlehem and trying to get over jet lag!

On our last Sunday in Kuala Lumpur Ruth and I attended a different church – the one which Phil and Barb attend. First we drove to a testing site and were swabbed for our COVID test, then were introduced to Chilli Pan Mee – a noodle dish invented and found only in Kuala Lumpur. After church we had dinner with an expatriot from Australia at an Indian restaurant.

Monday was our last day in Malaysia. We exercised and packed, periodically checking to see if the results of our COVID test had come in. Ruth and I took a Grab car to a university where we met Curtis and a professor. We had a grand, but brief tour of the campus and lunch. Just at the last minute our COVID test results arrived – negative! We returned to Phil and Barb’s place, got our bags, and headed to the airport – just before a terrible rain storm that flooded some streets.

Our flight home was long – 22 hours in the air plus 8 hour layover – but uneventful. Qatar Airways takes good care of its passengers. Jim Femister was on hand to drive us home. Since then we’ve been taking care of all the household business that had accumulated during our absence. On Wednesday I drove to our presbytery retreat. That was a wonderful time to fellowship with the other men, but I was struggling with jet lag. I attended all the sessions, but had to rest in between.

I haven’t been feeling well since I returned from the retreat on Friday. I slept much of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and until noon today. I’m feeling much better now. Pray for a complete recovery by Thursday, when we are scheduled to fly to Bogota, Columbia.

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