March 6, 2022 — Exploring Kuala Lumpur

Ruth and I have had a wonderful and productive time in Malaysia! The pastors here meet every Tuesday, but last week it was a Zoom meeting since several of us were still in quarantine. It was good to spend a couple of hours with those men. Next time in person! (We hope.) After the meeting Ruth and I packed up, said farewell to our wonderful host family, and were picked up by Phil. We’ve spent the rest of the week with him and Barb in a different part of Kuala Lumpur. Phil and Barb live in a lush condominium complex and have been amazing hosts. Barb introduced Ruth to her yoga class and other local interests. One day while the women on the team had high tea at a historic hotel I took the train to the university area where Curtis and I had lunch among the students. After lunch we toured one of the campuses. There seem to be about a half-dozen universities within a few mile radius. We filled out the week with a hike and dinner with a pastor and his wife we had not met yet.

Today we will worship with a church we haven’t visited before, and get the COVID tests the U.S. requires before returning. The long trip home begins tomorrow evening.

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