February 27,2022 — COVID

I left you while we were still in quarantine on Langkawi Island. Phil and Barb had been helping us find our way around and began orienting us to their work. Curtis arrived on Tuesday, March 15, and began discussing with us his work with students. We had profitable discussions with him on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, March 17 our quarantine was finished and we were free to leave the island.

We flew to Kuala Lumpur and settled in with a delightful family who are part of the team. The rest of the week Curtis showed us around the city. One evening we went to the heliport, an observation deck on one of the tallest buildings. We visited the colonial Central Market and the square with a colonial church and the parliament buildings. One evening we had a wonderful visit with some church people at a going away party. Saturday evening we had an excellent dinner with a pastor and his sons. They were a wealth of insight to Malaysia. Sunday morning we went to church, but I was not feeling well so I took a COVID test and was positive. I was never in danger, but I felt miserable on Sunday and Monday. I’m essentially recovered now, but have to continue quarantine until Tuesday. Ruth escaped the worst of it.

We would not have chosen to get COVID or to spend 10 days in quarantine, but we have been well-cared for, and in spite of it, we are getting a clear idea of the situation here – which is why we came. We have decided to extend our visit a week to explore more thoroughly.

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