January 30, 2022 — Countdown to Departure!

I thought we took care of most of the preparation for our trip two weeks ago. Silly me! International travel is always more complicated than domestic, but COVID has amplified those complications. So last week were more arrangements. As of last night I think we have most of the travel arrangements completed. There’s still packing….

I hate to think of it, but last week was not as productive as I wish. Ruth had a bad cold which slowed her down for a few days. I courageously fought it back, but it slowed me down, too. I did meet with our elders to take stock of my position and discuss the year ahead of us. I spent an evening training three others in producing our weekly liturgy booklets. I led the Bible study on Thursday night, but by Friday night I didn’t have the energy for the men’s meeting. I organized our documents for quick access while we travel.

I hope we’re back to full speed this week. We have to get a COVID test, and of course pack! I need to send out a newsletter telling everyone about our trip, and I’ll be speaking at a conference on Saturday.

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