October 10, 2021 — Comings and Goings

We dropped Stephen off at the airport Wednesday morning a week and a half ago. That gave me half of a week to finish my regular tasks and prepare for a celebration at my childhood church. On Saturday (October 2) I attended the men’s breakfast at our church, worked on list of outdoor chores, and drove to Maryland to be ready for Sunday.

My brother Allen had asked me to teach the adult Sunday School class at Allensville Church of the Brethren near Martinsburg, WV. My father was the pastor there for 65 years and that is where my brothers and I grew up. The little church was full to celebrate 100 years of gospel ministry. Two other men who grew up there are ordained to ministry. Jim Fink preached in the morning service and Billy Moore spoke at an afternoon service. The services were separated by a lavish meal, as always at this church. My brothers Allan and Dale were there with their wives. It was a wonderful occasion.

I arrived home at 7:00PM Sunday night. Ruth was not with me. She went with her brothers to the wedding of her niece in Richmond, VA. They had a good time, but unintentionally took the scenic route home. She arrived at bedtime.

Christopher returned from China at the end of August and embarked on a hiking expedition in September — the Long Trail, which begins at the southern border of Vermont and continues to the northern border. Christopher had many adventures, but decided to return early after spraining his ankle. Ruth caught wind of this last Sunday as he was spending the night in Scranton on his way back to D.C. She persuaded him to stop off here, so we’ve had Christopher at home all week. He has helped with some chores in the midst of sorting out old 1,000 emails.

I’ve been faithfully attending to my Sunday School class, Bible study, and administrative duties while enjoying these visits with Stephen and Christopher. I’m also starting a leadership development course which our agency has recommended. A large portion of time has been devoted to developing a streamlined process for creating our weekly worship bulletins.

This week we plan to take Christopher back to D.C. and visit Daniel’s family while in Maryland.

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