August 15, 2021 – On the Precipice

Ruth and I had our second interview with the agency to which we are applying. It was long – 3.5 hours! – but seemed to go well. We are cleared to proceed to the final interview, which is scheduled for this Friday – the same day our employment would begin. We feel propelled into the unknown. We thought this moment would come at the end of September, but here it is, days away. Pray for us!

One of the results of the survey I conducted with our church in June was widespread interest in improving our music. Strong, but contradictory feelings were expressed. It was my suggestion that we form a committee to sift through these ideas and propose some changes which might be helpful and not too disruptive. Ruth is on the committee and they met last week. I’m hoping any proposed changes will not be too disruptive, but the meeting was, shall we say, lively. I spent the largest amount of time on a single issue last week in various discussions about this.

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