August 22, 2021 – Not Done Yet

We had our “final interview” on Friday. but that’s not the last step in getting overseas. The interview went well and the agency expects to approve us, but a few things need to happen first. Apparently we tried to compress a several-year process into several months. Normally people visit a prospective destination before they apply. Our destination is locked down for several months, so we have been unable to visit. The agency wants us to delay until we have had a chance to experience the place and see the people in person. No one knows when that might be, but we are thinking and hoping for sometime around February. So perhaps I will continue this transitional ministry into next year.

I participated in a nice long session meeting last week, but two other projects occupied most of my discretionary time. I wrote a sermon, which I preached this morning. (You may listen or view it at SermonAudio.) I also compiled a family newsletter. I had hoped to get it in the mail, but I couldn’t get my printer to print properly. So after spending a lot of time, I decided I’m going to let Staples print it for me. I hope they can do that tomorrow and I can mail it on Tuesday.

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