July 25, 2021 – Testing!

We’re being tested! Two weeks ago Ruth and I decided to apply with an agency for an overseas job, and that week was filled with completing application materials. We worked hard, and were glad to have finished the application by the end of the week. Then came the tests. Last week we were sent a whole battery of tests: personality, emotional intelligence, marriage, etc. – so we spent all last week on these tests. Each test states prominently up front, “there are no right answers,” so there was no pressure, but they were a bit time-consuming. I think it is very prudent to consider carefully the issues which may cause problems overseas. Again we are pleased to have completed everything by the end of the week. I filled out the week with meetings and activities with our church.

Tomorrow we will have a Zoom call with our pastor and some potential overseas partners. I am bracing for another surprise onslaught of application exercises.

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