July 11, 2021 — Zoom overseas

Last week was mostly family time. Daniel, Ginny, Victoria, and Adeline had flown from England the previous week and met us at Peter’s house in Morgantown, WV. Stephen and his financee Annie flew to Pittsburgh where Benjamin picked them up and drove to Morgantown. Christopher was stuck in Wuhan, China where he has been badly overworked this year. On Thursday everyone but Peter’s family drove to Bethlehem. Daniel and his family and Annie left today, but Stephen and Benjamin will be with us this week. It’s quite difficult to get everyone together and we had a wonderful visit.

The biggest ministry development was a Zoom video conference with our potential overseas partners. It was a good opportunity to learn more about the operations and expectations of this team. We also received a budget outline so we can begin to assess the cost of pursuing this ministry. On Tuesday we will have another video conference with a mission person in the U.S.

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