July 4, 2021 — General Assembly

Ruth and I are enjoying a pleasant evening on the porch, punctuated by terribly loud, terribly rude large firecrackers in our neighborhood. We returned from Saint Louis yesterday at midnight and I preached this morning. You can see my sermon videos here and listen to audio recordings here.

Our visit to Saint Louis was very productive. Ruth and I met a lot of old friends and made some new acquaintances. I participated in business of the General Assembly. We spent most of an afternoon talking with several people about a possible overseas assignment training campus ministers, and we had a lot of questions. We still do, but we also got a lot of information. We are moving ahead with this prospect while still considering other ideas. Meeting with these people was our top priority, so we are grateful that happened. Pray for us as we consider what to do next! The assembly ended Thursday night, but we stayed until Saturday so that we could meet with some very close friends.

Tomorrow we will leave for West Virginia. Daniel, Ginny, Victoria, and Adeline have flown in from England and will join us at Peter and Megan’s house. Stephen will be coming in from Louisiana with his fiancee Annie and Benjamin is coming from Pittsburgh. Christopher is unfortunately wrapping things up in Wuhan and will not be able to join us.

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