June 27, 2021 — Pressing Forward

I spent a lot of time last week on the Reformed Lectionary project. I did a huge amount of work last year, and that was a great foundation. But I made some mistakes, left a lot of loose ends, and didn’t do much with the Old Testament. Last week I thoroughly revamped the gospel, epistle, and psalter readings and arranged them in a more useable format. You read all the psalms each year, all the gospels every four years, and the rest of the New Testament every eight years. I think this will be very useful to any church that wants to read substantial portions of the Bible systematically.

I set the lectionary project aside and made substantial progress on my sermon for July 4. I will return from Saint Louis at midnight on Saturday, and I don’t want to have to work on it during General Assembly.

I had a few interactions about future ministry last week. Ruth and I hope to learn a lot at General Assembly this week. We leave on Tuesday and return on Saturday.

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