June 20, 2021 — Operations

Ruth and I just returned from Scranton, where I preached at Hope Presbyterian Church. A couple took us out for a delightful lunch afterward and we stopped to see Ruth’s mother on the way home. I’m doing a fair bit of preaching this summer. I’ll be back in the pulpit at our church in two weeks and back to Scranton at the end of July.

In addition to my regular weekly duties I worked on two special projects last week. First I researched and devised a new way to print our liturgy bulletins. Our organist has been formatting the liturgy and preparing it for printing each week. He does a fantastic job, but all the work rests exclusively on him – which is unhealthy for him and not good for the church. It took some effort, but by a combination of Google Documents and Adobe Acrobat Reader now anyone can prepare and print our liturgy bulletins without special software.

Our pastor was telling me that he finds the lectionary frustrating, especially as it skips all around the Bible. I had previously worked on a Reformed lectionary, so I got out my notes and spruced it up for him. A lectionary is a huge amount of work, but perhaps my effort will be helpful to our church.

I completed my Ministerial Data Form and Resume and sent them to the central office of the Presbyterian Church in America. So now the denomination knows that I am available for a pastoral position. Meanwhile, Ruth had a long and productive conversation with an overseas contact about joining them. I’m sure God has a great plan for us. Pray for us as we explore our options.

This week I’ll be working on a sermon for July 4, the day after we return from General Assembly.

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