June 13, 2021 — Office and the Future

We’re hardly overworked, but we had a very busy spring. I put a lot of time into preparing the summer conference last month, then Sunday School, preaching, meetings, etc. filled out time. The summer doesn’t look quite as packed, so I am turning my attention to the future.

I dispensed with a lot of office work last week – donor letters, a newsletter, and miscellaneous emails. I spent a good part of a day organizing the office. Don’t laugh! How long would it take to straighten out your office or workspace? Of course, such an effort reveals how much more there is to do…

I have been emailing with some people who want us to join them and train campus ministers overseas. It is an exciting, but daunting prospect. We decided that Ruth should go with me to General Assembly in Saint Louis later this month so that we could talk to them in person. We’d appreciate prayers as we discern where God is leading us.

This morning I preached at Providence Presbyterian Church in Quakertown, and next week I’ll be at Hope Presbyterian Church in Scranton. Benjamin will be with us this week, and Ruth and I will fit in an anniversary dinner.

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