June 6, 2021 — Staff Retreat!

Ruth and I have spent the afternoon in our air-conditioned living room avoiding the 91° heat – a sharp contrast to last weekend’s chill.

This was a magnificent weekend! On Friday most of the Mid-Atlantic staff came to town and we had a wonderful evening together. Michael and Natasha Goodlin hosted us. Michael smoked the best pork I’ve had, and Natasha completed the lavish meal. Cornerstone Presbyterian Church gave us the use of their building on Saturday, which started with breakfast. I led devotions and said a few words to the group, then we reconvened in a park across the road for lunch. Peter came with Eli and Amelia, Derek and Luda Bates brought Symon, and Daryl and Laria Wattley came with their two children. The children had a blast! I think they had more fun than the adults.

My primary task last week was preparing the sermon for today. (A link to it should soon be posted on our church website, www.lvpca.org) I finished on Wednesday and was able to tackle some of a long list of minor projects which had been escaping my attention for a while. I have been reading a stack of books on worship in preparation for the fall Sunday School class. Today I embarked upon The Shape of the Liturgy, a classic work by Dom Gregory Dix. It’s readable. but dense – and at 750 pages I should be at it for several weeks.

Ruth and I plan to take a walk this evening when it gets below 80 °. Tomorrow will be all office work.

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