June 2, 2021 — Weddings!

Well, it was a big weekend! Two weddings did not take most of my time last week, but they were the most engaging.

Ruth and I attended a funeral for a long-time member of our church on Tuesday. Matt (our pastor) preached a wonderful sermon. The next day I drove to Lancaster and spent several hours with one of our campus ministers reflecting on ministry and looking to the future. That was an encouraging day! On Thursday I finished preparing for the staff retreat coming up this weekend. I was glad to put that behind me before heading out of town.

On Saturday Ruth and I drove the Parkesburg, PA (near Downingtown) for the wedding of Lauren and Tim. It was a beautiful ceremony in a colonial church, with the reception in a barn. We continued to State College for the Sunday afternoon wedding of Abby and Sam. We worshiped at Oakwood Presbyterian Church in the morning. Abby and Sam’s wedding also was beautiful, also with the reception in a barn! It was wonderful at the weddings to see and briefly catch up with many people we know, some of whom we had not seen since the pandemic. We crashed Sunday night and arrived home Monday afternoon.

This week I am preparing a sermon for our church this Sunday. We’re looking forward to seeing the Mid-Atlantic staff this weekend!

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