May 2, 2021 — Countdown

I finished the Bible studies for our summer conference! I am modestly satisfied with them, and I hope they will be helpful to the students next week. Then I moved on to devotional guides. The sermons will be from the book of Ruth, so I wrote Bible studies on Jesus’ encounters with women in the gospels. It was a stretch, but I decided to try devotional guides on the women in Revelation: the Glorious Mother (ch 12), the Stunning Beauty (ch 17), the Brilliant Bride (ch 19), and the Radiant Wife (ch 21). I’m less confident how helpful they will be, but we’ll see.

I dabbled in a few upcoming projects, had some meetings, and did more administrative work than I wish. But I didn’t finish. I plan to spend tomorrow checking off a long list of administrative tasks that have piled up.

44 students have registered for our summer conference! That’s good news, but let’s pray for 50. Next week, Lord willing and we get an internet connection, I plan to post from Doubling Gap, PA.

So this is our last week to get everything ready for the summer conference. I also have to write a sermon and prepare a devotional for the local Christian high school.

Here is me teaching Sunday School this morning: Evangelism for Ordinary Christians.

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