April 25, 2021 — Progress!

Last week was vey productive — it seemed more productive than some, partly because I was able to check some things off my to-do list.

I (almost) finished the spring Sunday School lessons! The last one will be a wrap-up, and I decided it would be better to wait and write it the week before. But all the others are finished and I began working on the Bible studies for our summer conference.

I sent a short survey to our congregation to get some thoughts on outreach. Participation was high, and the comments were very thoughtful and revealing. Writing and sending the survey was easy. I spent the better part of two days collating and summarizing the results. Now the elders have some meaty ideas to process.

Most of Tuesday was at our presbytery meeting. Afterward one of the men gave me a strong sales pitch on student ministry in Southeast Asia. Then his team leader emailed me about it. The concept is very appealing, but there are major hurdles. Your prayers are much appreciated!

I got outside last week! I planted beans, various vegetables, and planted the flowers I had ordered and arrived on Tuesday.

This week I hope to write two Bible studies on Tuesday and two on Wednesday.

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