March 28, 2021 — Continued

Last week was much like the previous, and this week looks the same. That’s because I’m involved in several projects that take a month or two.

I finished and sent the spring newsletter to Lehigh for printing and mailing two weeks ago. Last week I sent the email version. That sounds real simple, and it’s not inherently complicated. We use Mailchimp, which is a great way of sending out a large number of emails – but I was not very familiar with the program. So I spent considerable time learning the ins and outs of Mailchimp. In the end it was time well spent. It was just a lot of time!

Matt (our pastor) and I continued to work on cleaning and reorganizing the church office. This will be a steady theme…

Ruth and I thought it might be reasonably safe to venture out to the church Bible study on Thursday. It was a fun and profitable evening, but with COVID cases rising again, we might reconsider for an other month. This week we have services on Thursday and Friday. I’ll be leading and preaching the Good Friday service.

I did some work on the summer conference Peter is organizing. This also will be a weekly project.

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