March 21, 2021 — Spring has Arrived!

Ruth and I just returned from a pleasant walk along Monocacy Creek, and the crocuses I planted last fall are up. We’re enjoying the warmer weather.

Last week I wrote and sent the spring newsletter to Lehigh for printing and mailing. The good news is that I finished the project. The disappointing news is that it took most of the week. Since this is the first time I wrote under LVPCA Special Projects, there were a lot of details to work out. It will not take nearly so long next time. If you have not been receiving our newsletter, but wish to, email me at and ask to be put on the mailing list.

Our planned trip to Doubling Gap Center to tour the facility for our summer conference had to be canceled. Several different situations arose which prevented us from going. Nevertheless the week filled up with a lot of administrative matters. The most significant was establishing an expense reimbursement system. There are more administrative issues to come 😒. I also had several meetings, wrote two Sunday School lessons, and prepared the Good Friday service.

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