March 14, 2021 — Website work

We did it! I’m pretty wiped out, but we launched our church website last night. Matt, our pastor, wrote most of the text; Jed, a member, took the pictures; and I constructed the site — It doesn’t look professional, but it does look presentable. I think it gives a clear and attractive sense of what our church is like.

The website took most of my time last week. I also had several meetings with campus ministers and continued working on the summer conference we’re doing. Today I preached and served the Lord’s Supper at Knowlton Presbyterian Church.

This week I am organizing a tour of the summer conference facility for the campus ministers. My other major project for this week is the quarterly newsletter. Tomorrow I need to go to the post office and print shop to make sure the bulk mailing is in order.

Last week I helped Ruth and her brothers clean out their mother’s house. My truck was a big help!

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