March 7, 2021 — First Week

Last Monday began my first week in my new role of half-time with our congregation and half-time assisting other ministries. My first activity was meeting with Matt, our pastor, to discuss operational procedures and the specific tasks I should do. The single biggest project was working our church’s website. It has been in development for several months, and we need to get it launched! I spent a lot of time constructing menus, defining fonts, specifying colors, and improving the layout. Tomorrow Matt (our pastor) and I will evaluate where we stand and discuss the next steps. Maybe we can finish the project this week!

My next biggest task last week was preparing a sermon for today. Matt had to attend a funeral at noon today, so I led the service and preached. I also taught the adult Sunday School class, which resumed today. On the other side of the job I had several extensive conversations with campus ministers and assisted with ministry programs we are preparing.

This week I hope to finish my part of the website and make a lot of progress on those ministry projects.

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