February 28, 2021 — Getting Ready

Last week I announced that the elders of our church had decided to hire me for a short-term position while we discern what God has for us long-term. That position begins tomorrow! So last week I wrapped up most of the transition projects and prepared for the new position. The church will receive donations to help fund the position, but I will prepare and mail the receipts. So I created an automated system for generating receipts. I researched and subscribed to an expense tracking program. I continued cleaning up my mailing list. (This project will continue for a couple more months.) I mailed and emailed my current supporters about my new job and provided information on how to continue supporting us. A large portion of time was spent preparing several dozen documents I have used in ministry and posting them on my website. In the process I noticed a couple dozen more documents that might be helpful to others. I plan to post those in coming weeks.

By Friday I had finished the big projects of the week, so I went truck-shopping. The boys pooled some money to get me a pickup truck for my birthday, but I had to find one. I wanted a standard cab, long bed, manual transmission that fit my budget. I found three within 50 miles! So I left after lunch and toured eastern PA looking at trucks. Yesterday afternoon Ruth drove me to Pottsville to get a white pickup. It’s raining now, but I’ll try to post a picture next week.

I’m being hired by the church, but the position is half-time with the congregation, and half-time in other ministry. It will take us a few weeks to nail down exactly which tasks I will be tackling in the congregation, and which elsewhere. The church is handling the funds. More information about supporting us is here. If you are eager to make a donation right now, click here.

Being unemployed has been extraordinarily busy. Going back to work might be easier! We’ll see tomorrow.

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