February 14, 2021 — Sermon and Office

We didn’t get snow every day last week. But we did have more snow to shovel thoughout the week, and temperatures in the 20s which meant it didn’t melt. The week was also puctuated by discussions on our transition from RUF to something else. I think that will be all wrapped up by tomorrow. Accompanying those discussions was the ongoing work of switching our office from an RUF outpost to something useful going forward. New items keep popping up. I spent most of Saturday at our presbytery meeting.

The major project of the week was preparing a sermon for today for a church close by which is itself in a transition. Since it is Valentine’s Day it seemed it would be odd to preach on anything other than love. I got a sermon ready which I thought would be a blessing to those people, then on Friday I was notified that the date I was needed is March 14! I said that was no problem as long as I could preach a Valentine’s Day sermon then.

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