February 7, 2021 — Snow!

I’m a prophet! As I predicted last Sunday, we spent a lot of time shoveling snow last week. The snow started Sunday afternoon and continued until Monday night for a total of about 30 inches. I spent much of Tuesday shoveling, half of Thursday, and some every other day. Today we received another several inches, but that seems trivial in comparison. Ruth enrolled in the Frozen Feet Challenge sponsored by Aardvark Sports Shop, in which for a $15 enrollment fee you agree to walk at least a mile outside every day, without excuse or exception, for six weeks. And it began on Wednesday. Whoever completes the Challenge gets a t-shirt and two gift cards. I’ve been guarding our investment in this endeavor by accompanying Ruth on her walk every day.

Last week featured four major activities: shoveling snow, discussing my next employment, sending out a mailing, and administrative work. I cleaned out a lot of RUF materials that we no longer need and cleaned up my mailing list. These jobs are not done, but I made a lot of progress. I prepared and sent paper and email versions of a mailing. I had a long discussion with the elders of our church about future employment, and discussed this with many people throughout the week.

I had hoped to settle on short-term employment by the end of last week, but there were complications – so this is going to take another week. The upcoming week looks a lot like last: considering employment options and administrative work – but without the snow shoveling!

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