January 24, 2021 — Shocking Change

Welcome to my new website! I will continue my weekly report here as before.

Last Tuesday I was abruptly dismissed from RUF. There is no scandal. RUF is not saying much, but apparently they want to move in a different direction and they do not think I fit in their new plans. Everyone is in shock, but we’re trusting the Lord to carry us through.

So now I am in the weird situation of not having a job to do each day, yet facing many things to take care of. I spent the rest of the week replying to the avalanche of emails, texts, phone calls, and visits of friends who are equally shocked at this action. Our Mid-Atlantic staff sent the best floral bouquet that has ever entered this house, and we have been very warmly encouraged by everyone. All my devices and communication software were connected to RUF, so I set up CDavidGreen@gmail.com as my new primary email address. Yesterday Ruth and I had a long enjoyable Zoom call with all our boys.

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