January 17, 2021 — In the Office

I did it. Except for a few details, my spring schedule is in place. This week I need to book hotels everywhere.

Universities still have not resumed. Most in our area resume this week, but some not until February. I try not to visit campus ministers in the first two weeks of a semester as things are getting settled, so I have two more weeks in Bethlehem.

In addition to finalizing my schedule, I fielded the normal array of emails and Zoom calls. I spent an afternoon finishing my RUF budget. I also found time for some extensive reflection on success. I sent a link to this article about Warren Buffett’s precscription for success to our area staff and asked for comments. We’ve had a good discussion, and I wrote several lengthy emails of my thoughts.

We have RUF Assessment in two weeks, so next week will primarily feature preparations for that.

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