January 10, 2021 — Back to Work in Bethlehem

Christmas is over, Epiphany is past, and we’re back to work. My calendar indicates we took our annual post-Christmas vacation last week. We decided it was ill-advised to travel anywhere, and instead planned to spend the week cleaning out Ruth’s mother’s house next door. This was a partial success, interrupted by our own chores and several RUF events. I spent a good part of two days constructing my RUF budget for 2021, due last Friday. The week ended with a delightful visit yesterday by our dear friends Andrew and Susan Fletcher. Susan cemented her place in my affection by admiring the mince meat pie filling I made, which my own offspring spurned.

At Epiphany we celebrate the first appearance of the Christ to the gentiles. We’ll spend the rest of the year praying, planning, and working to proclaim Christ to all people – in RUF, to college students. This week I plan to finish my travel plans for the spring semester.

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