November 15, 2020 — Training Conference

We just finished our second virtual training conference last night! Two weeks ago the campuses in the west Mid-Atlantic had the first virtual training conference. I did not participate, but reports are that it was a success in spite of numerous generally minor technical problems. The campus ministers have been using Zoom extensively to hold virtual Large Group Meetings, Bible studies, individual meetings, etc. since March. I have used it a bit, but am still a rookie when it comes to internet ministry. As the coordinator of the conference, I was apprehensive about how it would go. Everything went well, with only a few minor problems.

Kristy, my assistant, was on top of registration and materials all along, and she did an excellent job. Bryan Selby, an alumnus from the University of Maryland where he participated in RUF and now a student at Westminster Seminary, co-led the “How to Study the Bible” track with Michael Goodlin. Bryan also set up the Zoom meetings. I led the track “Leading Bible Studies.” Students are worn out by sitting in front of a computer all day every day since August, so we didn’t know how many, if any, students would register. We didn’t have as many as when we do this in-person, but we had enough to make it a pleasant experience. We adapted the schedule to work better online, and added additional breaks and some online games to keep everyone fresh and engaged. No one went to sleep! It was definitely different, but I think it worked.

Every day last week I worked on aspects of the training conference and the staff retreat coming up in December. On Monday had a brief Zoom visit for all Mid-Atlantic ministers and staff who wanted to check in. On Thursday I joined the virtual Large Group Meeting for the University of Delaware and preached “The Man From Heaven” from John 3. Here is an earlier version of that sermon:

Now that the intense part of the semester is over, Ruth and I are going to take a couple of days off. Then back into the office!

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