November 22, 2020 — Bethlehem

Today is Ruth’s birthday! We’re having a quiet celebration here at home, trying to avoid the coronavirus.

Last week, as advertised, we took a short break. With campus visits and the training conference behind us, we went away for a couple of days. Looking ahead, I have one major project this semester: the staff retreat next month, which will occupy part of each day until then. Last week I submitted a budget proposal and rough schedule. Now I will be working on daily devotional messages, Bible studies, seminars and discussion topics, and managing the logistics. But if the pandemic continues to spread, we may have to cancel it entirely. Pray for the pandemic to end! This week I plan to send the winter newsletter to the printer. Etc.

Last week three men contacted me about possible RUF positions. Unfortunately for them, nothing is open in the Mid-Atlantic at present. Perhaps we need to get going and start a few more ministries! Would you pray for that?

The screen on my notebook computer broke last week, so I am typing this in the office on my 12-year-old desktop computer. It works fine, just very slowly. I’m glad it won’t take you as long to read this as it’s taking me to type. Unless perhaps your computer is also 12 years old! I’m listening to a wonderful mass by Johann Ernst Eberlin, but I’d rather be in the living room with Ruth.

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