October 11, 2020 — Lehigh

It’s a delightfully quiet evening at the end of a restful day – a nice respite in the middle of the semester.

Last week I was scheduled to visit Lehigh University here in Bethlehem. Michael Goodlin got the idea to arrange all of the events in one day, so Thursday was a marathon starting at 8:30. I had pleasant times talking with Michael about the pandemic, the students, and personal development. I met with two students and we ended the day with dinner with our wives. Michael and Natasha are expecting another baby in January!

The situation on campus is grim. The students I encountered at the beginning of the semester were not excited about COVID restrictions, but they seemed to be handling it well. Now in the middle of the semester students are exhausted, discouraged, deprived, and depressed. Some said their professors are assigning more work than normal; they are so busy they never leave their rooms but are in front of the computer all day. Even if they weren’t so busy there is little they are allowed to do and they are starved for social interaction. There is still half the semester to go! Lehigh has 250 students in quarantine out of 1200 on campus. They need our prayers!

I spent a lot of last week working on arrangements for our staff day in Lancaster next month and our student training conference by video conference, also next month. We are making good progress, but there is much more to do, especially in converting the training conference to a virtual format. I ended the week putting crocusses in the ground ahead of the heavy rain predicted for tomorrow.

This week I’ll be at Rowan University in New Jersey.

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