October 5, 2020 — Delaware

It’s been a productive day, but full of unexpected tasks. I completed the fall newsletter and it will now go to the printer. If you don’t get these, and want to, email us here and we’ll add you to the list.

Ruth and I were packed and ready to drive to Delaware to visit campuses last Monday when she went to say good-by to her mother next door. Her mother didn’t answer the door, and Ruth found her in the hallway, having fallen. We spent the day with her in the Emergency Room. By evening she was well-situated and Ruth’s brothers were on their way to Bethlehem, so Ruth and I proceded to Delaware.

Joey Barnet had set up meetings with three students who were in town. All classes are online, so many students are not physically present. I had enjoyable times with the students, and Joey and I filled the rest of the day discussing the ministry and his situation. All ministry activities are online, and seem to be going reasonably well. It is a challenge fund-raising and getting to know the campus and the students during a pandemic, but Joey is making great progress. Joey and his wife Ruth and baby just arrived in July to take over from Nick Owens who had taken a church position in Illinois. Joey and Ruth seem to have adapted quickly to life in Newark, DE. All four of us had a delicious seafood dinner that night.

We made a quick dash back to Bethlehem on Wednesday so that Ruth could check on her mother and keep a doctor’s appointment. On Thursday we drove to Dover, stopping along the way for lunch with the RUF committee chairman for Delaware. I visited Daryl Wattley in the afternoon in the house he just bought this summer. It is a wonderful provision for their family, which grew this summer with the birth of a boy. Ruth and Laria joined us for dinner that night and Daryl and I finished our discussions over breakfast on Friday. Delaware State is completely different than any campus I have worked on, and Daryl is admirably suited to it.

This week I’ll visit Lehigh here in Bethlehem while preparing for several conferences.

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