October 19, 2020 — New Jersey

Last Tuesday I drove to Glassboro, NJ to visit the RUF ministry at Rowan University. Brent Kilman has done masterful work launching the RUF ministry in a school which is very important to south Jersey. I had a good time with Brent and dinner with him and Juli. In the summer they bought a house and are very pleased with their new neighborhood. The PCA church there, Mercy Hill Church, also just bought a property – a medium-size building one mile from campus (I measured it!). Rowan is one of only two (I think – things keep changing) RUFs in the Mid-Atlantic that are able to have in-person Large Group Meetings, made possible by the nearby church building. I attended the Large Group Meeting and met several new students. One brilliant encouragement is the five freshmen who have attached themselves to the ministry in spite of the difficulties this fall.

I read and replied to fall reports on Friday and studied the details of Zoom video conferencing in preparation for our virtual training conference next month. Tomorrow I head to Maryland again to visit the University of Maryland.

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