September 27, 2020 — Pennsylvania Heartland

Last Monday I wrapped up some major household projects, and Tuesday left town for the week. I checked off the dentist on the way out of town and arrived in State College in time to meet Calais, the intern at Penn State. I had a nice dinner that night with Cam and Kaela Smith, Cam having just returned from the presbytery meeting. It’s practically impossible to meet students this fall, so Cam and I spent most of Wednesday together. Cam has some promising sophomores, and this semester he is focused on developing their leadership potential, which occupied much of our conversation.

Thursday morning I continued west to Indiana, PA to see Oliver Pierce at IUP. Oliver has pursued an energetic program of outreach this fall and has been able to connect with several dozen new students. This is Oliver’s third year. By now he has some very promising students, so leadership development is much on his mind. On Friday one of his potential leaders came by the coffee shop and we chatted for an hour, then resumed discussing how to develop leaders. We had lunch on Friday with David, Oliver’s partner in Indiana, who is starting the church that will be the base for the campus ministry.

Plants arrived in the mail last week, so I spent Saturday in the garden. Tomorrow Ruth and I head to Delaware for the week.

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