August 30, 2020 — Tennessee

I took another trip! Last week I joined all the Area Coordinators at a lake house in Tennessee for a retreat. It was a beautiful spot, even with the intense Tennessee humidity, and we had a splendid retreat. We discussed and improved our core values and campus minister job description, we discussed how to improve our work with presbytery RUF committees and our supervision of campus ministers, and other related topics. It was the first time we had met since January and we are feeling prepared to plunge into a new semester.

Speaking of which, all the Mid-Atlantic schools with RUF groups will be in class by Tuesday. Some schools are permitting limited in-person meetings, but much of our ministry will continue to be online. Campus ministers have had widely varied success in reaching students so far. We’ve learned that far more women than men respond to Instagram outreach. We’ve seen dozens of students participate in online games, only to disappear when we invite them to Bible Studies. Student are as confused as we are, and many are lonely and hurting. Opportunities for ministry are greater than ever! The challenge is connecting with these students. Pray for God to display His power in this confusion!

This week I will put the finishing touches on my fall semester plans and work on a series of lessons on evangelism for a future Sunday School class. Next week I’ll hit the road to visit campuses.

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