August 23, 2020 — Classes Begin! (Sort of)

This week classes begin at nine of our thirteen RUF ministries in the Mid-Atlantic Area. Pitt began last week, and three others begin next week. But what a surreal beginning! Most classes will be online, and most students will not be on campus as all. Many are hunkered down in their apartments and many are staying home, since it doesn’t matter where they are if the classes are online. Covid-19 has not stopped students from intense partying, which is alarming university officials. Today’s Allentown newspaper conveyed student attitudes with this frontpage headline: “Big Bland On Campus; No parties, no sports, lots of rules.”

The first three weeks of ministry are exhausting, but this year it is not because of long hours out in the heat, moving students in, hosting picnics, and setting up meetings. This year ministers are spending hundreds of hours on their computers tracking down students who might be interested in our ministry and organizing virtual ministry events. Vastly different experience, just as exhausting – will it be as effective? Let’s pray that God will bring many students into RUF.

Last week I continued my own virtual ministry with campus ministers and others in RUF. I produced the semi-annual family newsletter and joined Peter’s family in Morgantown for Amelia’s birthday. On Tuesday I will fly to Tennessee for a coordinators retreat.

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