August 18, 2020 –Students Return! (Sort of)

In case you weren’t aware of this – it’s a wild summer! Students are scheduled to return to most campuses this week, and ordinarily RUF would be on hand to welcome them and invite them into our ministry. This year most universities are admitting only a fraction of their students onto campus. The rest will take classes remotely. Everything about the school year is in disarray. Then yesterday we heard that there were several outbreaks of Covid-19 at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Monday backtracked plans to reopen its campus for in-person learning, saying that it will shift to remote learning amid a surge of coronavirus cases among students. The announcement came just one week after the university – one of the largest in the country to resume in-person learning – began classes for the fall semester. (Fox News)

Last week I had a brief video conference with my area to encourage the campus ministers as they prepare for the most intense week of the year. This week they are immersed in outreach activites. I finished the first draft of my fall travel calendar and am preparing for the Area Coordinators Retreat next week.

In all of this, Christ reigns supreme! He is building His church during all this chaos. Please take a minute right now and pray for our campus ministers, staff, interns, and student leaders as they work to welcome students to campus and invite them to participate in RUF.

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