July 7, 2020 — Home, Weeks 14-16

I know. I skipped a few weeks. We’re still working from home, but we may be able to have a real meeting at the end of the month.

The last three weeks have featured the regular stream of video conferences, phone calls, emails, and text messages. The two big projects before us are RUF Assessment and Staff Training and they have consumed much of my time.

Summer Assessment begins tomorrow. Ruth and I are both helping and have been assigned to a Westminster Seminary student. We’ve read his application, talked to his references, and talked to him. He seems like a strong candidate! Like May Assessment, this one will be virtual, so Ruth will be in the living room and I will be in the office, both in front of our computer screens from 9 til 5 tomorrow and Thursday. We do get bathroom breaks! Assessment has been cleverly adjusted to work in the online environment, but still it is a far different experience than spending a few days in person. Pray for God to be with us and to bring gifted men to be RUF ministers.

For months Texas and Florida were less affected by the Coronavirus than New York and Washington State, but that has dramatically reversed. With the pandemic surging in Texas, RUF canceled July Staff Training in Dallas. In its place are online videos and conferences plus optional regional gatherings. Last week I co-hosted a discussion with second-year Campus Ministers on the topic of how to grow a ministry. These sorts of online events are scheduled throughout the summer. I am also in the thick of preparing the regional gathering for Mid-Atlantic Campus Ministers. We plan to meet in State College for three days the last week of July. But if there is a resurgence of the pandemic here, we’ll reconsider that plan.

In the midst of this we took another trip to Morgantown, WV for Peter’s 1-year-old, Lydia’s birthday. I helped Peter do some carpentry while we were there.

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