June 14, 2020 — Home, Week 13

I participated in two video conferences last week while visiting Peter’s family and drove home on Tuesday. The office computer has been unbearably slow, so we took it into the shop on Wednesday. It has plenty of memory, but the memory is configured such that the computer is using less than 20% of it. We hope that will be remedied this week.

Now that Orientation is over we will be focused on the next two major national projects: Assessment and Staff Training in July. We decided it was unwise for all of RUF to go to Dallas as we always do in July. Instead the staff and interns will go there, while the campus ministers will meet regionally. Video sessions – recorded and live – will supplement our meetings. There have been lengthy (but good) discussions hashing this out, and I began planning the regional gathering for my area.

The other major task last week was preparing the June newsletter. It’s done, and as soon as the proofreading is finished we will send it to the printer.

This week I will continue planning for July training and orienting the new staff in our area.

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