May 31, 2020 — Home, Week 11

I told you last week that I would be getting ready for RUF Orientation this week. Ruth thought that meant household chores, so we spent Memorial Day Monday cleaning the street. The week also featured planting the garden and deconstructing the sandbox. We were so pleased to get Ruth’s desktop computer repaired that we sent in her notebook which had become unbearably slow. It’s getting twice as much memory and they’re cleaning out 509 viruses.

Aside from those exciting developments, last week was rather ordinary. More video calls with other coordinators and phone calls with ministers and minister prospects. I hosted an end-of-semester video call with everyone I supervise on Friday. It was great to see everyone even if on the screen before the summer kicks in. I had a long conversation with an MTW missionary about training.

This week I will be in front of the screen Monday-Thursday for New Staff Orientation. The office has put huge effort into planning this, and I think it will be very good.


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