May 24, 2020 — Home, Week 10

Last week was good, but unusual. I had two long video meetings with Joey Barnet to help him get ready for ministry at Delaware. On Tuesday we had a long video meeting with all RUF coordinators and office staff to discuss how to resume in-person ministry and how to conduct July staff training. RUF Assessment was conducted by video on Wednesday and Thursday. I was not a participant this time, but Ruth was. Friday we caught our breath and finished up the details of the week’s activities.

On Thursday Will Huss (our National Coordinator) sent an email to all RUF with guidance on resuming in-person ministry. He reminded us to be biblical, to obey authorities, to exercise wisdom, to be frugal, and to be prepared to adjust to change. No one knows what things will be like by August, but RUF is providing solid guidance in navigating this uncertainty.

No decision has been made yet about how to conduct staff training in July. We were sobered by the thought that if a participant developed an infection, all of RUF could be quarantined just when the school year begins. We discussed many options at a comfortable length. We will continue this discussion at another video meeting this week.

Tuesday afternoon we were putting the finishing touches on preparations for Assessment beginning Wednesday at 8:30 AM. We were adjusting the lighting, etc. when Ruth’s computer stopped working. I worked into the night trying to get it going while Ruth got her notebook computer ready as a backup. Ruth began Assessment in the morning while I tried to find a computer repair shop that was open. I finally found one and dropped her computer off at noon. By Thursday evening Ruth was exhausted, but she had been able to join all the sessions. I picked up her computer on Friday and spent the rest of the day installing her programs and adjusting the settings.

This week has few scheduled events, but next week is RUF Orientation – so I will be getting ready for that.

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