May 17, 2020 — Home, Week 9

I’m typing this post from my front porch. Summer is on the way! Last week was more Zoom video calls, regular phone calls, and emails. We’re working daily to settle on a new man for Millersville. I did one orientation session for Joey Barnet, our new man at Delaware. Etc. My big project was completely overhauling the reports I collect from campus ministers each quarter. With a couple of new situations I needed to ask for different data. While I was at it I reviewed all the reports, updated, and made them all consistent. A streamlined, focused reporting system enables me to maximize my time on campus – which we hope will be possible this fall. A few schools have announced that they will not hold classes on campus this fall, and a few have announced that they will. Most have announced nothing yet, so everyone is waiting and wondering. We expect RUF to make decisions this week about how to resume in-person ministry and what to do about July staff training, planned for Dallas.

Ruth was busy last week getting ready for RUF Assessment this week. She will be in front of the computer from 9 to 5 on Wednesday and Thursday. Pray  for her! And the other participants! And for me! I am in charge of meals those days.

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