May 3, 2020 — Home, Week 7

Yep, we’re still here – and still busy! Ruth and I are trying to squeeze some house chores into each day, and have had some limited success. I started the week with another video call with the ministers I supervise. It’s good to see them on the screen and interact a bit, but it’s nothing like a personal visit. Monday afternoon we had our weekly coordinators call. Last week I had two long calls – one with SJ, a new coordinator; and one with Peter Dishman in Bogota, Columbia – to discuss ministry and issues in supervising ministers. I worked on some material for Assessment and read and responded to most of the campus ministers’ reports. Otherwise the week filled up with miscellaneous emails and phone calls.

We were wakened in the middle of the night Friday morning by a car alarm. Turns out it was ours! I could turn it off, but it kept coming back on. I discovered in the owners manual that the alarm doesn’t set if any doors are open, so I left the trunk open for the rest of the night. The dealership was able to fit us in Friday morning and found a faulty sensor, so we shouldn’t have that problem again.

My focus this week is the details of the transitions at Delaware and Millersville.

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