April 26, 2020 — Home, Week 6

I didn’t have major scheduling problems this week, because I planned to do fewer things! My primary tasks were producing a video for Orientation and preaching at the virtual Large Group Meeting for Brown/RISD RUF. On Monday we had our weekly Area Coordinator video call and I took care of routine business. Wednesday I reserved for preparing the sermon on Friday. Thursday I prepared the content for the video on “Rhythms of the Ministry Year.” I decided to give it a rest overnight and record the video on Friday. Well, that took all day. Recording a video is harder than it looks! But I think I made something suitable. I ate a hasty dinner and got ready for the Large Group Meeting. My sermon “The Triumph of the King” from the last chapter of Mark  seemed to go well. At least Ruth liked it.

Tomorrow I have a video conference with the men I supervise. This week I need to work on some material for Assessment.

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